Keeping the project up-to-date, and maintaining the services consumes time and money. If you like this project, the website and all the precious documentation provided, the effords to make this project available for all, the amazing developers who put their work into it, then please consider helping by making a donation.

You can use T2 either to build an entire system from source, or get pre-built installble or live binary images:

Source tarballs:

Source tarballs of tagged versions can be found on our server

Getting a prebuilt binary CD release:

For major source snapshots, binary releases for selected (primary release) platforms are available here: mirror server (FTP) master server (HTTP)

Development trunk:

T2 is hosted in a Subversion repository, so you either check it out via HTTP:

svn co t2-trunk
via HTTP on Port 81 to get around transparent proxies that do not speak WebDAV:
svn co t2-trunk
or, especially when you plan to be able to commit changes, via HTTPS:
svn co t2-trunk

Stable branches:

We also maintain several versioned stable branches that are usually recommended:
svn co t2-8.0
Where "8.0" can be substituted with other stable series verison numbers.


This homepage as well as the T2 SDE handbook are also available, including write access:
svn co www-t2-trunk
svn co t2-handbook
For more information about Subversion, how to access the ExactCODE repositories visit: the SVN server.


We do not maintain a seperated ChangeLog, but use commit messages extensively. A nicely reformated version is available online.